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E.V.E. Events Group is a company specializing in storytelling branding and organizational private and community event planning. Our regularly scheduled storytelling events capture the true and personal stories of community's finest tellers. Storytelling events are intimate public speaking engagements that showcase the stories of  men an woman whose experiences engage, enlighten and inspire

Why are we passionate about storytelling? It is because we understand the power of transparency. The human experience is closely connected; and yet, there are moments when people lose their way and feel alone; But, storytelling reminds us that we  are not alone -especially when the stories shared give us hope, laughter and answers to life's greatest questions.

Our next storytelling event, The Workplace, is a collaboration between EVE Events Group and The Yuma Art Center. To participate and learn about the future storytelling event please contact storytelling event organizer Geneah Berrian at 928-723-5733 or submit your inquiries to































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