WCW is here! Collab Feature: Tiffany Nakatani of Boss Women Unite and Love in a Cup

The wait is over! We could no longer prolong the debut of our #WCW series where we share the stories of inspirational businesswomen within our community and across the U.S. Today’s #WCW is Tiffany Nakatani founder of both companies: Boss Women Unite and Love in a Cup.

Boss Women Unite is a networking organization operating in the spirit of unity and support! They give women the opportunity to showcase their passion and businesses on their platform. Love In a Cup is Tiffany’s second company. The founder started the tea biz in the spirit of prioritizing personal wellness. In her own journey, Tiffany would find that many of the herbs that she was incorporating into her healing and wellness regiment they fused perfectly into herbal tea blends. Sharing is caring -Thus, Love in a cup was born from a space of love and healing.

Tiffany’s Purpose in business is to empower/amplify women’s voices! Both of her companies serve as the hand in hand catalyst for inspiration towards her mission in business and in service of women. Tiffany shares: “The goal is to provide and create space for "Boss Women" to showcase their products and passion to the community while having support from other women doing the same. I want us women to realize our potential as world changers, business owners, dream creators and heroines of our own stories. I want women to reach their full potential. I do this through workshops, vendor markets, business, personal development focus groups and through a circle of sisterhood -connecting and empowering our divine feminine.” Boss Women Unite (BWU) is the service that provides visibility and support. Love In a Cup is the product line marketed on both BWU and Love in a cup platforms. Tiffany is providing like-minded women who have the desire to take that step in starting or growing their businesses with the opportunity and the action blueprint to do so!

When asked what advice she has for women aspiring to build their own boss empires Tiffany shares some key wisdom. “Understand your fear and explore it. Consider the worse and best-case scenario for starting a business. Once you have answered these questions often you’ll learn the worst-case scenario isn't bad at all. Then, think of the best things that can surface out of starting your own business and realistically expect middle ground. The truth is there will be challenges to overcome, but they will only strengthen you and give you the experience you didn't have once before. Do it with the fear, knees trembling, and with your voice shaking... but, just do it!” Go follow our inspirational #WCW of the week on Instagram at: and on her website at She’s a true gem and such a bad ass!

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