#EVEWCW Collab Feature: Sarah Bolton, Owner of Good Girls Gone Great Coaching

Welcome to our #WCW series where we share the stories of inspirational businesswomen within our community and across the U.S. Today’s #WCW is Sarah Bolton, owner of Good Girls Gone Great Coaching.

On a trip to San Diego in late July we took no vacations from connecting and discovering our next Women Crush Wednesday. Sarah Bolton is a Jill of all trades and a master of defining success on her own terms.

Sarah who is a self-love advocate, owned and operated a spa in San Diego. When Covid hit it urged her to face how her future in the self-care industry would evolve. Before Covid had officially touched down in the states Sarah was enrolled in life coaching program: Accomplishment Coaching. The San Diego Based Consulting agency trains and accredits future life coaches.

Sarah recently graduated and received her accreditation from the agency and is using her credentials, life experience and guidance to empower all people to take ownership of their lives by showing them how to win personally and professionally. When asked why she started the program Sarah shares that she herself was initially a client of a coach. The program surfaced what she already knew. “I had so much encouragement to give” says Sarah. This month Sarah has officially added life coach to her list of impressive accomplishments which include spa owner, esthetician, stylists and even a children’s face painting business.

These were among some of the many inspiring words that Sarah shared in her interview with EVE Marketing and Events: "I am not defined by what I do. I’ve learned how to turn many of my interests and hobbies into profitable jobs. I came to a point in my life where I decided that I was not going to be defined by my job title but instead by what I decided about who I choose to be. I am defined by who I be. My willingness to define success freely and my personal life experiences combined with my education are what qualifies me to inspire! An eye-opening experience for me occurred when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. The road to an official diagnosis was scary. I put if off for a while because I did not think anyone would believe me. Eventually I would see a doctor, receive a diagnosis and a treatment plan. That day I thought about the importance of trusting within. A lot of us do not trust ourselves and I have made it a part of my life’s mission to encourage people, especially women to tap into that inner knowing. My training as a life coach has not only taught me how to leverage a coaching brand, but it has also taught me how to also authentically serve people. I find passion and purpose in this!”

In closing Sarah shared a quote that inspires her to live freely. “If you don’t act now, you may now lose the opportunity.” With that said go and support Sarah Bolton! Her coaching business “Good Gone Great” is accepting students and providing complimentary sessions for a limited time. If you are interested in Life Coaching that is designed to help you build, reinvent and structure a life that supports growth through accountability and support through contact Sarah. For more information book with Sarah at  Sarah can be found on Instagram at @bolty555.

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