#EVEWCW Collab Feature: Maria Zamorano

Welcome to our #WCW series where we share the stories of inspirational businesswomen within our community and across the U.S. Today’s #WCW is Maria Zamorano of Sunshine Cafe

Maria Zamorano is the owner of Sunshine Café the Magical coffee shop was a 6-year plan that manifested as a result of hard work and specialized industry experience.

Maria has extensive experience in the construction industry. Her background, knowledge and relationships empowered her to successfully build the dream of Sunshine Café

As the child of a father who migrated to America from Mexico, Maria has always been inspired by the man who worked his butt off to attain the American dream for their family. My father always said: “You can do and have anything you want because you were born in the United States, you only have to work for it!”

Maria took those words to heart and as she began a career in the construction industry -it began humbly at Home Depot where she packaged nuts and bolts, it was not long before she was transferred to receiving and promoted to management.

Marias experience in the industry has prepared her for her current adventure as the owner of Sunshine Cafe in a big way. “The construction industry has taught me that it is important to take care of those who take care of you! This is a rule of thumb, but we live in an instant gratifying driven society that at times forgets how important it is to build relationships. My life has been this. I build relationships, I give my word, I keep my word, I do things the right way with humility, I take care of people and they care for me in return. I love the opportunity serve community in this way”

Sunshine Café is not Maria's first rodeo! She also owned her own construction company for years, and plans for Sunshine café first began as her next Arizona Supply company; however, after some intentional brainstorming she decided to enter into the world of selling goods as opposed to focusing upon service driven industries. “I decided that I wanted to build something for community and for our family that is sustainably secure. One of the greatest lessons of my life was one that I knew but was given the opportunity to apply in real time. After the recession we experienced the true value of how being good stewards in the good times, how it would save us in the hard times. This is something I always encourage people to consider and exercise. It is also my advice to anyone looking towards entrepreneurship. Don’t be wasteful. How you manage abundance determines how you will reach your goals.”

Maria ended her interview on an inspirational note. She is inspired much by the wisdom of both her mother and father and shared two reminders that serve to inspire. Mom always said: “There will always be people we can never please, so stop trying to. There is no point in two crazy people looking at each other trying to prove a point without a purpose. Dad always said: You can have anything you work for because you were born in the U.S.A. My favorite quote to live by: Whether you believe you can or cannot, you are right! To succeed in life and business there must be a healthy balance of common sense, hard work and compassion devoted towards all endeavors. This I learned from my mother and father both of whom I am so grateful for!

Sunshine Café is the cutest coffeehouse in the foothills! It is located 10110 N Frontage Rd, Yuma, AZ 85365. Stop by! Shop local and enjoy all that they have to offer! They can be found on Facebook and Instagram as Sunshinecaféyuma.

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