#EVEWCW Collab Feature: Ellie Covarrubias

Welcome to our #WCW series where we share the stories of inspirational businesswomen within our community and across the U.S. Today’s #WCW is Ellie Covarrubias of Mary Kay!

This week our WCW is Project Manager, Mary Kay consultant/business owner and Veteran Ellie Covarrubias. Ellie grew up in the Bay Area, California. After joining the Marine Corps 15 years ago, she stayed on the East Coast for 12 years, where she had her son and married her soulmate. Currently she lives in Yuma with her boys and husband.

When asked “Who are you?” Ellie Pruett shares that she considers herself a romantic who loves to watch others grow and change their lives. “Believe it or not, this wasn’t always the case. I had to do a lot of growing up to get to this place. Today, I think it’s amazing to watch people discover what they are capable of becoming. Being grateful for the growth of others positions you to reap that same energy for growth in your own life.”

Ellie’s 9-5 is Program Analyst at a government agency. She provides guidance on one of the largest programs in her organization and kicks butt at it too! Ellie has also been building her Mary Kay business, along with two other projects. The first helps guide financial conversations between couples, and the second is a networking/mentorship program for businesswomen.

Ellie has chosen the path of entrepreneurship because she sees it as an opportunity to help other women while challenging herself to go outside of her own comfort zone. “I work so hard at being a "good employee", why not be a kick ass entrepreneur too?

When asked what inspires her the most about this journey as a businesswoman, she shares that it is constant growth. “Let me tell you, the best thing you can do for yourself, is feed your mind and heart for growth. Entrepreneurship is a spiritual journey to discovering who you are.” Ellie’s Advice for any woman who might be afraid to start their own business: “Do it anyway and allow yourself to grow.” Some valuable advice gained in an "AHA" moment for Ellie is learning that relationships matter. “I am in the direct sales industry. There was a time I was focusing primarily on closing sales and the instant gratification the came with it, to the point that I grew desperate to convince everyone on a sale. After a while this felt slimy… I didn’t like it and I changed my approach by incorporating mindfulness and authenticity into my entrepreneurial approach. Once I started to focus on relationship building instead of quick sales, I built a clientele that was willing to, not only pay full price for amazing products, but also turned into returning customers. I think it’s important for entrepreneurs to remember that relationship building bridges the gap between where we are and where we desire to grow!”

“One of the biggest challenges or lessons learned in my professional career has to do with the power of following up and following through. Again, this speaks to key components of how we build and nurture relationships. Long story, but to make it short at a former job we had leadership representation from all over the world waiting for almost 2 hours to get into our complex; and it was all because I did not follow up. I thought I would die, but you know what? I have never not followed up since. Now, I am the follow up queen and I always advise entrepreneurs to know how the power of following up, or not, can change the trajectory of life experiences.”

When talking balance Ellie shares about her personal practice of making time to watch the sunrise each morning. “Even if that means waking up at 3:30am to get everything out of the way before stepping outside to welcome the sun I do it. It is good for the soul. It’s good for my soul and it sets the tone for a grateful experience.”

The message of inspiration in business that Ellie lives by is: "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts."

“We're going to experience failure, it’s inevitable. The way I see it, is that if God is putting you through it, because you can do it. The most valuable advice I received through one of my mentors once was “instead of comparing yourself to others, think about your own achievements. Small or big, remember, your achievements are on someone else's bucket list. We accomplish so much more than what we accredit ourselves for!”

Connect with Ellie Covarrubias at: and at

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