#EVEWCW Collab Feature: Donna George, Owner of The Peanut Patch

Welcome to our #WCW series where we share the stories of inspirational businesswomen within our community and across the U.S. Today’s #WCW is Donna George, owner of the Peanut Patch.

Donna is the owner of beloved community gem The Peanut Patch. The Retail Peanut and Candy shop has been in business for over 40 years in Yuma Arizona while Donna has owned the establishment for 23 years. Donna could not have anticipated that one day she would operate the staple establishment as her own; however, an interview for a general management position at the Patch swiftly turned into an opportunity for her to carry on its legacy through entrepreneurship -as Donna was unexpectedly offered an opportunity to purchase the Patch.

This is not Donna’s first rodeo, so to speak. Having an entrepreneurial background made the transition into running the Peanut Patch a bit smoother. As with all businesses there was a learning curve and unique challenges that gave Donna an opportunity to rise to the occasion, and she did just that! When asked what she enjoys about her business Donna states: “I find passion in being in the thick of it. I don’t spend all of my time in an office behind my desk. Being on the floor, engaging with my customers and creating a familial like environment for my employees is important. Service and inclusion is a key piece to the puzzle for our success here at The Peanut Patch!

As a woman of faith Donna also shares that she is proud to operate an establishment that gifts her the opportunity to incorporate good, wholesome and integral values into the workplace and overall environmental culture of the store. She is honored to carry on a tradition in sharing her faith even through her work.

What stands out is Donna’s strength, boldness and yet her innate kindness and understanding of people. When asked what her advice is to women looking to step into business she says “Women doubt themselves and there is no reason to do that. Often, we know a lot more than what we give ourselves credit for and we have to walk into every room in business and in the life with the surety that comes in knowing our strengths -instead of hiding behind them! Also, don’t be afraid to try, pray about it, seek the guidance of mentors get reassurance and affirmation and go for it! Lastly, there are often signs that hint we are headed in the right direction before taking that entrepreneurial leap. 23 years ago I was on my way to a job interview for a management position. As I drove to my destination the song “It is well with my soul” played on the radio. A peace came over me and I knew that what was to come, no matter the outcome, would be and there was no reason to fear it. Two decades later and the rest is history; and it is certainly well with my soul!”

The Peanut Patch is located on 4322 E County 13th St, in Yuma, AZ. They are open semi-annually. Their doors reopen this fall in the beginning of October. Their products and treats are available year round on their website at Please support this great establishment and amazing woman owned business!

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