#EVEWCW Collab Feature: Mandie Gilmore

Welcome to our #WCW series where we share the stories of inspirational businesswomen within our community and across the U.S. Today’s #WCW is Mandy Gilmore, founder of Launched Creative.

This weeks WCW is Mandie Gilmore. Her business Launched Creative Designs has evolved from what started as a couple personal blogs to what it is today. Initially Mandy started blogging about homemaking content in 2014 while working as an RN. She created her website without any prior website design or development knowledge. “It was a huge struggle to teach myself how to create a website—I went from zero knowledge about anything coding or design related to launching my first website through self-teaching, tons of time and research, and lots of trial and error. So, when I say I understand the struggle of small businesses trying to make their first website with ZERO website knowledge, know that I am speaking from very personal experience of wanting to throw my computer out the window multiple times.”

While blogging on the side and working as a nurse full time, a friend who liked Mandie’s blog website asked if Mandy could make a website for her ABA Therapy Business. Mandy gladly accepted the offer. “I quickly realized that what I enjoyed most about blogging was the actual making of the website.” After launching her first client’s website Mandy was soon asked by another ABA Therapist in a different county to make her new business website. “After that, I realized that there was a demand for small businesses- especially those just starting out- to have an affordable website launch option. In 2015, I took the leap to actually name my business and start actively seeking clients rather than just waiting for word of mouth.” Mandie decided to stop working as a nurse to pursue her business endeavors instead. “It worked better for me and for my family to have a job that allowed me to be home with our child and to have the freedom in schedule and lifestyle that entrepreneurship brings.”

Mandie shares that when she first started out, she was designing custom websites for small businesses and entrepreneurs on a one-to-one basis. “I took on freelance design work for a marketing firm based in Boston for a short while as well. In the last year, I have transitioned my business model away from custom design work to template-based design work for two reasons: I started homeschooling our son and my time/attention to clients had to be reduced AND I realized that I could help more entrepreneurs and small businesses by offering them easy to use Complete Website Kits (for Wordpress Divi Theme) that come with every single instruction needed to launch their website in just hours with zero website design or development knowledge.”

Mandie currently offers Complete Website Kits for ABA Therapists and Doulas, but will be expanding her shop to include more industries. she also has pre-made branding kits, Content Planner Templates, and ABA Therapy Marketing Flyer templates available in her shop.

“I hope to inspire those in any small business to take control of their business website solutions and give them the confidence to launch a website that helps their business to flourish. My favorite thing to hear from past clients is that their website has given them a steady influx of new and regular customers. I think my past clients inspire to know that I can help people and truly make a difference, which is what I value most as an entrepreneur.

Mandie’s advice to women thinking about taking the entrepreneurial leap is to remember entrepreneurship does not have a one-size-fits-all approach to it. “The beauty of being an entrepreneur is that YOU get to be in total control of how you start, when you start, and how you evolve. I started out blogging, then having custom design clients, then freelancing, and now I’m doing template sales. My business is always evolving to fit my needs and I’m evolving with it. If you need to start slowly and small, do that! If you need to start really big and are willing to jump all in, head first, you go right ahead! You do not have to take an all or nothing approach to being an entrepreneur, you are totally allowed and encouraged to create the lifestyle and experience you want and that works for you. You get to make all the rules.”

“That is also the scariest part: You are the only one holding yourself responsible for your effort and for your outcomes. It can be a terrifying thing. It is also empowering and liberating. Sometimes I wish I had a 9-5 job I don’t really like with a steady paycheck, but then I remember how much that lifestyle did not work for me or for my soul, and I keep moving forward.”

To connect with Mandie visit her website and shop at to see what services she offers or check her out on:


instragram @launched_creative


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