Founded in 2018 EVE (Empowering Visionaries Everywhere) is a small business that provides digital marketing services and organizes small business promotional events. We make all business' visible through marketing services which include: newsletter writing, web development, social media management services and digital advertisements.

We are also a woman owned company with a passion for empowering women to follow their dreams. We use our platform to facilitate networking connections and to share the experiences of women in business who's stories serve to inspire on our blogging platforms. 

Our three primary areas of focus are: business visibility/advertisement, storytelling marketing and women's empowerment. 

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Woman Crush Wednesday Series

Get excited! Our Women Crush Wednesday series begins in September! We will be sharing the inspirational stories of women in business as a part of our web blogging series. We are excited to connect you with a community of women who are following their dreams

and excited to inspire you to do the same. 






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